My first post ever! :)!

It’s soo tiring trying to figure out how to make pages and start a blog whew! OMG I am starting my exam I didn’t even get to review! Well I stopped by this website about rabbits and their names are Hans etc.. Their stories are very nice so thats how I went to word press but really it’s alot of work to do.

My face got tired of it but I just can’t get my head of without even starting one! Somebody has to like this cause really it’s very exhausting! Me and my mom is thinking of buying 3 female guppies since the petshop is near Satwa were having a bible study there! We came from church yesterday or last friday and I felt a bit lonely cause my friends weren’t there though it was fun cause it is a church and everybody has fun in the church! Well no offense but I kinda get bored on Catholic Churches πŸ™‚

I really don’t know how to work this website but I’m getting a hang of it.

Oh we also cleaned the fish tank just yesterday but I was also a bit grumpy that time… πŸ˜€

Well it’s 3:30 by the time and I just heard the sound of my Xbox 360 I bet my parents are showing their skills hahaha.

Oh and I can’t wait to show you my balcony of our studio apartment which is huge! It looks like a garden! We even put fake grass I mean you just can’t Imagine! No Really! πŸ™‚ .

Okay I think I’m already having fun just typing! Don’t you?? Oh wait If you want to watch my videos on youtube my account is Suiteangel45 so feel free to add me! Watch my video of my cat and rat but I sold them cause I could not handle them anymore! Sorry guys! It hurts me too.

I’m going to change my school to Pristine this summer 😦 I’m gonna miss my old teachers and classmates.

My parents are laughing now because of the pictures they saw on Xbox 360 hahaha.

Well that’s all for now folks! I need to rest on my typing!


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