Never buy from petshops unless you want to save them!

Okay so there are some good reasons on why you need or should buy from petshops is to : Send them to the RSPCA or to save them yourself.
Well the bad part is that sometimes : You didn’t research and another is that they don’t take care of their pets and when you bring one home they usually come home sick.
Oh and another thing is that the petshop assistants only care for money and usually fake the details and gives you wrong information, like they have a goldfish but they said it’s an angelfish 🙂 their FAKE!! But theirs also another way to help petshops is just to : Teach them or if your a petshop owner, You have to hire only experts! Another thing is to manage your money, there was one petshop which is very nice but everything costs like a WOW just like the parakeets which costs 100 DHS!! hate that part.
Just remember : research before you even go to the petshop just to make sure they give you the right information THE END>> 🙂 ^_^


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