Yesterday we had out graduation! It was so embarrasing when we were dancing I was the only one who raised my hand! :-/ Embarrasing!! Though it was fun! I had my chance to throw our hats! This is my 1rst graduation since I didn’t graduate in KG! hehe! I’m gonna be highschool! YAY!

My mom bought me a zhu zhu pet as a present (hehe) I still love it! I ❤ toys!
My aunt bought me a watch though she doesn’t know that my skin is sensitive so I won’t be able to wear it… 😦 hehe anyways! At 3:00 my other aunt is gonna pick me up for a practice! I’m gonna play the guitar and sing at the same time though all I want to do is sing.. 😦 I’m gonna ask her.
Were gonna sing, well I don’t know the lyrics but the start of the song is “Light of the world he fell down into darkness open my eyes let me see” ( Christian song ).. I can’t wait I can’t wait!


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