OMG Spread the message!

Did you know that some super stars, like Lady Gaga, sent their souls to the devil to become more popular, which hurts me, please pray for them…
Here’s one song “alejandro” by Lady Gaga

Alejandro= God
Message: Don’t call my name “God”

Now she has attracted, well I don’t know… hmmm lets say A MILLION! Well I hope not…

This is just to warn the fans and other people who doesn’t know, God is hope, If there is no God then there is no HOPE!

Oh and Lady Gaga also attracted Rihanna! They became illuminati, they dont know that GOD loves them… But you don’t know what God will do now because God is the only one who knows when time,years and hours will end! Not a sinner like us.

The time has come and maybe it’s not time, Well it’s actually God’s decision…



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