As I wrote here before maybe 2 minutes ago, I wrote about the bible study about a Boy named Josh….

Okay so accepting is also like giving up something in a way that you have to accept it, It’s also another way of giving up…. but you really had to do it.

Here’s a story about Love… okay so I just  made this story up but I hope you enjoy

Okay so Once upon a time there was a man named Hanse and a woman named Rebecca and they loved each other so dearly, they had 1 son and loved him so much! They would always go to church and pray to God that they would never suffer and live a happy life with each other and that their son would live happily, and that very day happened… Their son died when he tried saving a young girl from drowning and he did save her but he drowned too, hanse and Rebecca knew that God had taken him to Heaven. but Hanse didn’t accept it. Rebecca accepted it and explained to her husband and suddenly understood. From now on they prayed and prayed and then was born a daughter named Deborah who became a God fearing woman and grew old to teach people about what happened to her brother and family.

So did you learn a lesson?  I hope you did! Okay so a short translation..

Always accept and it would lead to a better and bigger life! But it always have to include God ofcourse! 🙂


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