Bible study

As for today, there was only one who came but some few more to go…. but it will never stop us from reading the bible. After a few minutes everybody is now here… except for one thing.. This kid named Josh annoys me sometimes, not in a bad way but I wish he has manners!!! I don’t mean to hurt his feelings but it really annoys me! Especially his sister, she stole my sister’s chocolate and hid it, but that was a long time ago and I try not to remember it, I try to teach her but sometimes it’s very hard! I mean it!

Okay so  now their eating! The food that we made was :

Chicken adobo

egg and other more!

Oh and I forgot to mention… The boy named Josh really has a brain problem, and I try to accept it, even when it comes to his behavior… I hope people understands this.

but maybe GOD made him like that to make us understand the fact that we can change this behavior , we always have to accept and yet Josh is still a gift to his parents no matter what, that’s why whenever I see him, I always end up saying “Hi” but still in my mind trouble is gonna happen in the house when he hasn’t stop acting crazy all of a sudden!

But all of you have to remember that a person has a dream and a heart and when you say something that will break it, the hole will never be replaced…..


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