Maggie actually has a different breed!

But apparently Maggies breed is much better than a netherland dwarf 🙂 it’s a polish rabbit breed, which I think is very easy to care for 🙂 I love Maggie so much! Apparently right now we have a play pen but haven’t made it yet 🙂

Maggie is 1 lbs and she may be less than 6 months now 🙂 but I hope she is weaned, cause they easily die without their parents milk :/

But maggie is doing all well and is happy and hoppy LOL I love her LOL 🙂 not that it’s weird :0 .

And right in the evening we might be doing our recording, which is the bad time cause I’m never in the mood to sing in the camera and I hate singing in all over the world, it will be nice just to sing in the church with Friends!!


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