Life’s hard!

Today Johan came and disaster rides, but not in a bad way! I love Johan, but him killing my pet…. No WAY!!

I don’t want to end up with a pet that is aggressive and dead! Ever again! Now those two kids will not do that! That’s why sometimes I wish kids are afraid of pets! Especially if their gonna kill mine! I know their still young and don’t know anything about them.
And mom acts like I don’t know anything about pets!
Maggie accidentally ate a crayon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hate this day! I couldnt spend a single time with Maggie if they keep scaring her!!!

Now they ended up getting mad at me because I was feeling angry and started talking to my mom in a bad way!!
I wish kids know how to deal with pets cause it. Makes me mad!!! 😦
I started to make an excuse to the toilet just so I could cry cause I hate it when they torture Maggie like that and me getting angry enough I felt like shouting that’s why I talk to mom like that!! :(( it hurts to see a pet being tortured by two kids! But I know already that their still young so I try to calm myself… But it’s very hard!! Especially when they destroy my life! But I guess it would hurt their parents feelings for how I feel… So sorry guys! But I
really can’t control myself! Even for a pet I’ve been willing
to take care of and I want her to live!! It will make her
sick and most of all she will be aggressive towards me!!!

After a few minutes ( after getting out of toilet )

I finally relaxed myself and thought of teaching johan instead of getting angry and it worked out well!

So I hope youve learnt a lesson of controlling yourself..


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