Guess what you won’t believe!

I found Maggie’s breed… AGAIN! But this time I think it is excact! I saw Maggie has blue and white eyes and I noticed it was odd eyed! Which is rare thats why I’m cheery! But now heres what we’ve been waiting for…. It is a Vienna or maybe it has the Vienna gene, not quite sure 😦 Well I’m here in my second brothers house and I brought Maggie cause I THOUGHT we were going to the pet shop… I was gonna buy her, her first timothy hay!!! SHe is starving now! and I am angry now! I want to leave but I can’t cause were running out of time!!! it ends at 10:00 and it is well lets see 9:00 +!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what!! I’m angry another thing is, Maggie hasn’t been eating for the past few HOURS of wait… it’s not few it’s ALOT!!!! Grrrrrrr Roar!! Sorry I always say that when I’m mad! }:( ROAR!!!!! I can’t stop! Oh wait, I forgot my wallet with my phone! Just wait…

after 2 mins

Okay found it! and still angry! well I’ll try to calm out…. so bye! Oh and thats not all… Dad forgot his promise to me about the petshop! So I’ll just get a ride with my uncle 🙂 so bye (i hope this turns out well)


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