Good Morning! We have some stories for you! <3

Today is a bright morning, we get to contact our beloved family from far away using the help of Skype and the Lord!

now our Grandmom is singing, she has one of the sweetest voice for her age 🙂 I miss you Nanay (grandmom) happy advance birthday! Sorry that we can’t go there 😦 but next year! Love ❤ u!

okay now she’s just repeating the song which is funny but sweet. I love her, but sometimes I get shy and I don’t get to talk to her 😦 but sometimes I do, I was born on her birthday! We believed that if a young was born on their Grandpop/moms birthday then they will die early, but that proved us wrong cause we now believe in GOD! She lived as long as we could imagine 🙂 My mom’s weakness is fainting, so when she was giving birth to me, she was afraid that she is gonna faint or else their gonna cut her tummy, so she pushed harder! and I was the first born 🙂 years past and we were happy, then next my sister came! Both of us had hair when we were born so mom was lucky! Mom was having problems with other babies so she’s supposed to give birth to 4 BABIES!! but atleast GOD has some other plans….

Years passed again and there came my beloved little sister! So now were TWO! She was so called, the miracle baby, as told, mom was supposed to have 4 BABIES! May be a girl or a boy but as you know GOD saved the day! And now we lived Happier! Then one of my Aunties became a Christian and invited us… So then we became Christians too, and knew GOD much further and we lived EVEN HAPPIER our life was soon healed, but still problems rose, but those are normal or atleast for some families, our family in the Philippines are having problems like Love life, money and care, We told them to give their lives to GOD and now look at us, we are all happy, we can contact our families even though they are very far away and we get to send them stuff, so now everything is normal 🙂

As for me and my house were gonna serve the Lord!


2 thoughts on “Good Morning! We have some stories for you! <3

  1. Hello! Beautiful stories! Continue to serve the Lord and don’t loose faith in Him no matter what. At this point in my life, I desire to have a close relationship with God, like I used to. And your stories remind me just how great God is, and how faithful God can be, even if we’re not faithful. Thank you for letting God use you! 🙂

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