Is life bitter?

No! simple answer NO, if life is bitter then maybe your making it one or someone else is! But it doesn’t have to be, God made us, he didn’t make us to live a bitter life, he made us so we could have a happy life!

Do you think that God isn’t real?
Why? Why do you think God isn’t real! He is! If you don’t believe in God you don’t have hope! If you believe in an Idol you make then why would you believe in a thing you made? If you believe in nature, who do you think made nature? YOurself? NO it’s God HImself!
We can praise God by singing him songs, Whatever songs but not wordly songs! you could sing him rock songs with him in it like the song :
Hossana, How great is our God, Sailboat, Heart of worship, Again by flyleaf (kinda hate the singer), etc..
You could also praise him by first, loving him! I don’t know much about these things, maybe I’m saying it wrong but I don’t want to embarras the Lord! If you force people by telling them “believe in the lord or you’ll die” maybe your embarrasing him! People will think that “is this what the Lord trained you to do?” maybe you’ll embarras yourself! I’m not forcing you, besides I’m just 12 but I love him and nothing will make me change my mind, especially voodoo, magic,illuminati, devils or anything else cause the Lord is Love the Lord makes life easier, he will never let me do anything hard, If you see people dying when they believe in the Lord (sometimes it happens like in the rapture or something) it means that they are going to heaven where they won’t suffer! Unlike Lady Gaga, I love her voice I love her attitude but I HATE her Devil!


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