I thought Blogging was B0RR1NG!!

Note: This was BEFORE I saw wordpress…

When I was young I was thinking about a website…. and I thought of making one too! Then I ended up just abandoning it with nothing else but the same stuff… then I saw this kind of blog thingy but I thought it was boring, until I found this blog about a persons rabbit, who’s names starts with Hans,etc… they are three rabbits but I only remembered the name hans 🙂

I read it,then spotted WordPress 🙂 At first it was hard then it became easy… You’ll know how it feels when you read “My first blog ever” written by me of course 🙂

I kept continuosly writing stuff, as you can see I’ve been writing for 4 months now, which I just remembered I’ve been with Maggie for 1 month.. I can’t wait for our Anniverssary (yes I do that) on June 15 :D! She’s getting bigger and bigger! And the good thing about this blog, is that I could see what I do wrong it life, like getting easily tempermental, ETC.

Which is nice, and I get to remember even the little things I do in life 🙂 It would be much better if I do video blogs about it but…. I’m too camera shy and afraid that my subscribers will get bored 🙂 Just stay tuned for my video about me baking with my mom and my sister while dad did his barbie q and had a little fight which is normal, I think XD

PS. My sister finally slept at 10:40 🙂


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