We just watched Narnia-Prince Caspian 🙂 and I just painted my nails transparantly newspapery haha! We didn’t have any white, or atleast my white one doesn’t work nicely so I just made it transparent then put the newpaper thingy! It’s very easy and at the same time… your recycling newspaper for beauty hahaha!!! Here’s the pic.. but its not mine….

isn’t it nice?? Yah it is!! You can watch the video in youtube! My version is not really nice cause we don’t have a white nail polish…. 🙂 but it does well, if you do this style to your nails.. your friends will be thrilled unless they have done it already… Soo be the first to do it! :

You have to first prepare:
White/any color nail polish (bright colored)
Alcohol 70%
and a cup/bowl

First put few of the alcohol (2 inches deep)
then dip the newspaper ( dont forget to cut the newspaper twice as pig as your finger nails) into the alcohol, then stick it to your nails… wait for 20 seconds then slowly peel it off, there you have it (dont forget to put the white nail polish first then do the newspaper stuff and also dont forget to put the top coat at the end) THEN YOUR FINISHED..

It’s much easier to watch the vid!! YOUTUBE!


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