Youtube doesn’t work!

I don’t know why, I just went to youtube and it doesn’t work anymore! Especially with google and gmail, thats why I hate it when they combine things, I miss it when you only have to write your youtube account instead of your google! So when they combined the google with youtube, I had to put my google account. another thing I hate about it is that whenever you say you hate google or youtube they will remove your account and ban you… Another thing is, when youtube doesn’t work google doesn’t either! (vise- versa) and it’s unfair! I like both youtube and google but hate what they did!

If they wanted to mix youtube and google together why don’t they make Gutube which Google and youtube!! TOGETHER and seperate the real youtube and google! But the thing is if youtube doesn’t work then Gutube doesn’t work LOL! Confusing right?

Look at them!! They don’t match! Google is google, Youtube is not GUTUBE! OKAY? Just saying…..

But I like the idea of Gutube, LOL they should really do it… It’s like you get emails while watching awesome videos from other people. that’d  be AWESOME, why didn’t they think of that…. okay I’m just saying but it’s google and youtubes choice!


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