God is our savior!

This is an old story that I will never forget and I am willing to share it with you…

My mom and dad left with my sister to a practice or the grocery, I was doing the computer and got tired… so I slept a deep deep sleep, when I woke up I saw my mom and wondered how she went inside the house, I asked her and she told me :

I was in a deep sleep while they were knocking in the door, our kind neighbor just next door allowed them to go to their balcony and jump to mines, they kept knocking and knocking to our balcony door but I was in a deep sleep, they prayed and prayed then dad had an idea, he took a metal or some string and peeked through the curtains and saw my hand move, then suddenly I woke up without knowing, mom told that my eyes were wide awake, I opened the balcony and let them inside the house , if you could remember they prayed and prayed before all that happened. An angel must have went inside my body as if I were just sleep walking….

I told my best friend but they weren’t that close to God, they told me it may be just a ghost or just a random sleep walking stuff…. Sigh.. thats why they always have problems in their family… but anyways at least my family are saved!! Thank God for everything!


My dad told me his dream just about 2 days ago that the rapture was near! He said there were 3 tornadoes at each sides of our house then suddenly he saw himself flying up and saw all of us smiling at him, he told me the rapture was near!

I also had a dream that a plane crashed in a river and mom and my sister were there ,I had to carry my sister back to the house so I swam but my sister was too heavy that I drowned, I woke up holding my breath. I was scared after that… I didn’t know what it meant… (2 weeks ago)

Oh and dad had another dream (i dont know when) and he saw mom wearing a tattoo! When he woke up , he warned me before he goes, mom should not leave the house without me, at first I thought it was weird, but then I became serious! I always banned mom from drinking beer (she doesn’t drink it any more) and also wine and sodas since she is getting bigger! But its okay cause its normal!

I Love God! Thats all I could say..

Keep praying and believing cause not only would the rapture come but also “the 7 years of evil” the devil gets to rule earth for seven years but not if we keep praying! BELIEVE and PRAY!


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