This night

Today I’m in Belhoul Hospital, in the dentist and I just got my teeth cleaned.. They told me and my mom that my tonsils are rough, not smooth and it means bacteria stays there, they said they have to remove my tonsils, when I heard it, my brain started killing me! I kept thinking on how much pain it would be and the part that I wouldn’t be able to control my voice properly…. I’m scared

But the good part is, I would be betting braces next year and my teeth would be a complete beauty after that, but the fact that it would be a pain when it comes to eating, my aunt said, when she had braces , she couldn’t eat properly and by the fact that I love eating, the braces and me are not ment to be , but I still want one so once it’s removed I’ll have nice teeth!! 

And yet the tonsil thingy is still in my brAin! 
I’m also getting pasta, two, maybe on the top or bottom teeth….

My friend told me, they put her to sleep and cut her neck to get the tonsils out, which also creeps me out!!!

All I wish for is that my voice is normal and I will not die….


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