Tony Romas!! You know.. The restaurant :)

Okay so today me and my family had fun in a restaurant in Mirdif city centre…  before eating there, we won a price which was unbearably ugly but at least we won, cause we were the last one 😦 but we are willing to give them to  you as gifts!! ( my friends only) sorry haha but anyways it’s  only for girls, then after all that fun we watched Gullivers travel, and finally I finished my scuba diving book, which only means that the exam is gonna come this Friday!! Bummer…. Anyways! I made this very weird but unique clothe in the DVBS (daily vacation bible school) and I thought it was ugly and folded it and gave it to the teacher… My friends comforted me, I may be a nice drawer but not very good at making the drawing into real clothing!! Now I have to embarrass myself in front of the whole church wearing that thing!! 

My dad told me and my mom that, I’m the only one who could make such a unique clothing that is very different no matter who ever copies it, it would always be different in style…. Well I am feeling a bit confident, then it struck me.. What if all the other people don’t like it and laugh at me!! Oh that would really be embarrassing now… The people who comforted me was my friends and my family but what about the complete strangers who I will confront!!

Anyways today me and dad have a checkup to the dentist so just stay tuned….


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