Nice ol trip!

Well… It’s not really a trip but it feels like one! I finished my dentist stuff, I got my pasta (not the food)…

Best part, I passed my diving exams and got 42/50, even so, I still didn’t get as high as my dad which was 46/50 but yeah, I’m still young, I get my chances 🙂

I also went and visited my new school, I was shocked cause there was such a big difference unlike my old school… I kinda failed in the test 74%… but yeah.. They saw my average score from my old school, it was 80%…..

Here’s a nice vid.. which is quite useless but yeah, its fun to watch… PRESENTING…….. Hanna Gabrielle, the one who sang price tag!! (read old blogs)

Crazy sisters turn around world!

Click the link ^                                 up there ^

Click the link ^


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