First time diving in JOB…

I went on an experience of my first time, diving….. It’s a confined water dive, we just practiced on some skills, but i guess, were not yet done…. Now were in the car just getting home from the second church/ceremony….

Scuba diving is a really fun experience, but I did do some things that I don’t really like, like swimming in salt water, problems equalizing ears, and foggy water…
But all in all scuba diving is fun for all ages, starting from 8 and up, you don’t have to be slim to dive.

You can be slim if you dive…. I also got one rock and some unknown item from the beach so I’ll have a memory.

Diving is for me like risking your life… But it doesn’t work that way, anyways it’s very easy to prevent it, just like the decompression sickness, nitrogen narcosis, etc.. Bye.

PS. JOB means Jumeirah Open Beach


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