I love rabbits!

Even though my rabbit is living in a small cage (buying her a bigger one) I still love her! Before I wanted a dog and a cat… But a rabbit is just like a dog and a cat but the only difference is:

It needs less space

It doesn’t need vaccinations (except spaying and neutering)

It eats hay and veggies

The thing that all ANIMALS need is….. LOVE!

My rabbits loves me! never bites me and went to me the first time I went to the petshop…

This is all about my rabbit:

Name: Maggie       Age: Unkown      Bought: June 15 2011       Loves: Playing tag.


If you want a dog or a cat, but want something smaller, cuter, lazier… get a rabbit!

But just remember, rabbits need lots of attention and care! (they eat like pigs cute way)

I love how mines eat carrots then gets a stain all over her face!! ❤ :3


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