Just a story I made :)

Mom gave me this new book, its like a dictionary so I thought I could make a story with some of the words from the dictionary 🙂

When I was young, me and my parents lived in this very small village. My mom had no job and so does my dad, so I could say that we were very poor. One unusual day, there was this stranger in black, he gave me a thousand bucks! Me thinking it was very lucky, I showed it to my parents, they both had different reactions! Mom being worried, while dad was so happy and excited! Mom told that ” Sometimes money is temptation, the devil uses it as a weapon to guide you to their path –” dad suddenly interrupted and said “Who cares! Were rich now! Don’t listen to your mom! All she only cares about is GOD.”

Even though dad interrupted me and moms conversation, I kept it in mind anyways. Dad had his fun, I gave him all the money cause I was aware of what mom had said. One day what mom said was almost true! Dad didn’t use money for anything good, he used it for parties, drinking and bad stuff. The next month, all the money was gone and dad blamed me and mom for not enjoying it and wasted all the fun! While I was preparing the food, mom ran to me and wept, I asked her what was the problem. She replied that dad went to jail for no reason, she said that police accused dad for stealing a thousand bucks from the bank.

My memories then rushed up… I then suddenly remembered about the man in black, but I had nothing to do cause when I told it to the police, they didn’t listen to me and thought I was a liar. Dad stayed in jail for 5 years and now I am 12 years old.

I started believing in GOD more and praying for dad to get out of jail, i prayed for him to have faith in God. Well lets say that prayer did come true :). When dad went out of jail, he said he finally believed in God and had faith in him, but when he said that, he fell on the floor and died. I wept bitterly but I knew it was Gods will.

Me and mom lived happily and always remembered dad, now I am married with a wonderful husband and a wife of 3 kids.

The end

Note: The story written here is fake and made up. and the story wasn’t copied it is made originally by me 😛


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