Blogging time!!

So today is Thursday, so I’m allowed to blog 🙂 And yes I’m gonna talk about my school…

So we have this new classmate named Amira (sorry don’t know the spelling)… She is very pretty and fun to talk with (We don’t talk much :P). So now we are 25 in the class,  🙂 Were in 7- Jacinto.

We were decorating for the “best class contest” and our bulletin board ‘outside’ is very awesome and cool 😛 But when you go inside our classroom, it’s kinda, not done yet.

We did have a lot to bring for school and stuff, but when you buy those stuff, it is really worth buying, so this school is very nice and very organized with lots of activities and learning :). I’m schooling in UIPS, you could go to their website : 🙂 it’s a nice school and it is not only for Filipino but also for Pakistani’s, Indians etc. 🙂 It’s a nice, big school, very spacious, and yes boys are seperated from girls, so if you don’t want your daughter to be with boys, this is the best school!! 🙂

P.S My rabbit needs a bigger cage so please tell me if you have a nice big cage 🙂



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