Please watch!!

This girl, Angelica Zambrano, is a girl that saw heaven and hell.

Michael Jackson, Selena, and some other celebrities were in hell, Michael Jackson’s famous moon walk is a dance from the devils. She said that they were all screaming and shouting, calling out for help, especially… This 8 year old boy, God said “This boy sinned to his parents and disobeyed them.” He is in hell  burning and tormented. The boy kept saying ” Lord take me out of here, I want to go to earth and change my ways!” but the Lord said ” It’s too late my son. ”

Then Angelica turned around and saw demons all around showing this scenes of Ben 10, Pokemon and all other demonic scenes. Those things that you watch in T.V are things to destroy humanity.

Here’s part 6 of her story:

Angelica Zambrano



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