Life with school and work is a certainly busy life!

yes, me and my WHOLE family has work and school, and yes, a lot of homework!
For me, my job is to take care of Maggie and Gab, do my homework, study, make sure I get a play time, Praying time, family time, and to make sure I don’t smell like I had puberty!!!

I have to wake up early and clean Maggie’s cage, go to school, go back home, study, do homework, play, play with Gab and family, God, chores… etc.
But I have to understand that a parents work is not as easy as it looks 🙂 and I hope that what I’ve written here should be as easy as it sounds 😦 but not really.

I guess I just have to wait till my next vacation comes… sigh 😛

the bear looks so cute it makes me laugh!


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