Pet problem…

Okay so you guys already heard about Freddy right?
mom is craving for Freddie and stuff, but I also like Maggie, she’s my baby 😦
Mom said we have to sell Maggie and keep Freddie, but I hate selling animals because I sold lots already and I feel bad, but I know Maggie will be happier when she gets to roam around the house, but mom no likey…
With Freddie, it’s a huge commitment, because. Have to vaccinate him and stuff, we also have to give him more attention unlike a cat or a rabbit, but mom and I love Freddie and I still love Maggie, but if we keep both, it’s double money 🙂

Another problem is that my sister is afraid of dogs, so we kinda have to introduce them to each other first, same with my rabbit, well Maggie is okay with Freddie, but Freddie is afraid of Maggie 😛

pros and cons when I keep Freddie is:
Freddy is friendly and can keep us company
Freddy is cute and lovable
He’s part of the family
He snores (love this part)
He is a good watch dog, I guess

Gab is afraid of Freddie
Dogs need vaccinations
They need endless attention
Is a huge commitment
Is a male and sometimes horny 😦

Doesn’t bite
Loves attention
Cute and lovable and cuddly

Eats a lot (this is normal)
Sometimes too active
Bites cage (annoying)
Mom doesn’t like her

please choose whom I could keep, cause if I keep both, it’s double money :p
I reAlly love both of them, but I’ve been asking for a dog all my years.

Freddie or Maggie or none 😛


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