Chain letters?

Lets start with me hating chain letters, some people are so superstitious that their afraid that dead people will haunt them if they don’t do something! Well i think their just over reacting!

The thing I hate about chain letters is that it scares me! Really scares me! When I do facebook or youtube, cause you know I love reading and stuff, I like reading comments and always end up with chain letters and most of the chain letters start like this :

If your reading this, you can’t look back anymore, my friend died a year ago and now she haunted me, if you don’t pass this message to 20 people within 1 hour, she will haunt you at mid night.

Even by making that chain letter, it scares me to death! But I know it won’t happen cause I only believe in God, But it still scares me though.

While I was making this post, I was watching kevjumba and passed by the title Superstitious?, and saw about his reaction to chain letters! All he says is true!

So please if ever you pass by a chain letter, don’t be stupid and pass it and scare other people! If you are scared, just pray!
Chain letters are just scary but they won’t harm you…


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