Heyo! It’s Thursday!!

I just love Thursdays! no assignments and internet!! Okay, so today I just watched the 700 club and it was awesome! Please watch it! You could also watch it in youtube if you like 🙂

And in school, well our periodic exams will start next month! SCARY 😛 Anyways, there is no problem in our school except math! Love the teacher, dont like the subject 😛 but some parts of math I like…
Oh I almost forgot to tell you guys that we had our clubs already and I was about to pick glee and sports club, but ended out to be in science club, which actually was awesome, cause we get to experiment stuff and go to field trips, but best of all + POINTS 😛 and also on February all of our team mates have to make an invention, because the KHDA will be visiting our school :)) I wonder what to make!! Exciting! But we haven’t started yet…

Okay so right NOW while I was typing, I stopped by this Ellen Show showing kids inventions and I haven’t started watching yet, but I think it’s gonna be awesome!!


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