My story of me being a Christian (the start of a new life)!

My family were talking about their reaction when they went to the ACC church for the first time (we were non believers BEFORE)
Anyways, first of all, I was wondering why everybody was raising their hands, singing and stuff like that and some are even dancing, everything was so new to me…
So there was this part of the church called kids ministry (I was so mean and grumpy that time), so all the kids asked me if I would want to join, and yes I did (which apparently was very good of me cause this is where the story starts), okay so I made new friends in the church and then, it was finally time to start learning about God [cause that’s what’s the kids ministry is for]. So then, we started listening, I didn’t feel anything yet, but it really inspired me about God and stuff and that being a Christian doesn’t have to do anything about religion, but about God, the next day, everything seemed so normal and stuff (people are still raising their hands, singing, and dancing with joy for the Lord), my mom and dad made new friends, especially my sister, and we start calling each other brother and sister (because now I know that we all come in the family of God) and then I started joining the singing and dancing and it changed me, I am not the mean,grumpy ol’ girl anymore, I am the new kind sweety pie I guess> ? 😛

Anyways, there’s always a first step to everything 🙂 so, God bless!!!
PS. I became a Christian on 2009 (born again)



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