The church’s Family day in Hatta! :)

We had our family day in Hatta for 2 days! 🙂 So we played lots of games and was on the lead and stuff like that, everything was fun until the night came…

I was sleeping with my friends and of course with our parents permission, but it didn’t stay long until night, I was joking my friends to cover their ears cause bugs might buzz in them, and that very night I slept until 1:00 AM came 😮 I felt a little buzz in my ear, but I decided not to mind it cause I thought the fly/mosquito will go away, so I went back to sleep, and the buzzing came again and again, so I woke up one of my friends (Kristin), so she stayed awake with me and we talked for a while (but the mosquito thing really creeps me out), and then suddenly a huge moth came inside the tent, [I forgot to mention that we were sleeping in a huge tent that is open because it is hot when it is closed], I got really creeped out so I came out of the tent and went to my parents tent and slept peacefully 🙂

The next day, the yellow team (which is our team) was falling down, simply because our flag was caught by the ___ [I forgot what they are called], its because the rule said that if you do not take care of your flag (its the rule of the game), you will get minus 200 points (thats the rule of the game), so that happened and yes we were left behind and became the 3rd, but after all those games, it was suddenly time to play “Pinoy Henyo” and we got a really high score and suddenly raised up as the 1st rank! It was unexpected cause me and my friends weren’t there (we were too busy taking pictures).

I just really hope we could do this again, but remember, we didn’t just do it for fun, we did it for the Lord!

So GOD Bless everybody and I hope you have enjoyed the wonderful trip! ❤

This is the sneak peek of the yellow team and our flag! and also the beautiful Hatta!! GOD BLESS again!! ❤


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