luckily+embarassed= ?

We went to City Centre on Nov __ 2011, when me and my Aunt (tita Jamaica) won a prize! Okay, so we went and I was thirsty, so my mom told me to buy some water, so I brought my Aunt with me and she said to buy 4 water for us to drink, but my Aunt ran out of money, so I ran to my dad (we had to let the others go in our line *luckily), so I went and my dad gave me 5 aed, but me being very super badly dumb, that I became thrifty and removed one of the water and made it 3 so I could save money, and that very moment, it strucked, that cashier lady said that we won and it is free, and my Aunt asked what was for free, and they said “the water”, we laughed so hard and me feeling very guilty that I put back one of the water :(, the lady asked for my Aunt’s name and took the microphone and said “Jamaica Retamal won 1.95 dhs!”,

We were so mortified but we laughed it out! We were lucky and embarrassed at the same time!! people were laughing, and I bet the person who skipped their line must have felt so guilty :P, but anyways we were lucky, then when we came back to my dad, my mom came laughing towards us and said that she heard my Aunts name, she said that when she heard my Aunts name, she thought we were so lucky until she heard 1.95!! We were so mortified!! uggh! anyways… were still LUCKY šŸ™‚

Hey and also please vote: Cats or Dogs (which one is best)


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