HTC cha cha (my review)

Okay, so I was getting bored, so I thought of writing about my new phone!! It is an HTC cha cha and I am gonna be talking about the pros and cons of this phone. And BTW, I am using my phone right now to post this 😛

Awesome qwerty keyboard (gr8 for blogging)
High quality screen
5 megapixel camera with flash
Cute looks
Touch screen
Facebook button
Easy access to facebook
Sleek style
Very nice color
Charges very quickly
Front camera (2.3 megapixel)

Battery drains easily
Very low memory
Easily slips from you hand
You can only download few apps
Breakablè when falls down, made out of metal.

And another con: if facebook is no longer popular and I still have the facebook button, I would sell this phone to buy a new one, but ofcourse we have to be contented 🙂


Photo taken by htc cha cha with lights switched off.

PS. I cannot show you a picture of my htc cha cha cause I am using it to make this blog and also too lazy to copy a pic. From google so bye!!


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