Lucky…. Ive always wanted a dog all my years! And if they would ask me what dog, i would say all the dog breeds in the world! But i would say italian greyhound… My family is not really an animal/pet person, i feel like the only one… I just hope i get a dog someday…… Thanks for writing this blog! Its awesome


I have never had a dog of my own,growing up in our house there was no shortage of pets.

My father had a dog ,a massive German Shepherd  to whom they bestowed  the name Lady Amish  though I’ve never questioned her religious beliefs I indulged her penchant for packets of biscuits sandwiches and all sort of things she would be inclined to ask me for.

There were  several birds that my father would bring home from time to time,two turtles,a tortoise,a Lynx cat he found and adopted even a badger that shared a flat with my father for 6months while he was working in another part of the country.

My grandparents and their parents lived near to one another and in their house animals have always been a constant and in large scale

Originally from the countryside, my grandparents and their parents kept chickens,goats,dogs cats,parrots,snakes and there was  a time…

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