I love fennec foxes!

The Adventures of Ellie and Edmond


My, what big ears you have! We have found a special little mammal with very LARGE ears for today’s Super Surprise Thursday! Get out your sunglasses and sunscreen, because we’re heading to the African desert!


Range/Habitat: Northern Africa-Asia/ desert

Diet: Omnivore: seeds, fruit, termites, eggs, lizards

Length/Weight: 9 ½-16”/ 2 ¼-13lb

Conservation Status: Common


Fun Facts:

  • Fennec foxes are the smallest member of the fox family.
  • Fennec fox are nocturnal (active at night).
  • They have unusually large ears that help them keep cool in the desert heat and warm at night.
  • Fennec fox also have fur on the bottom of their paws that protects them from the hot desert sand.
  • They live in small groups in underground dens.
  • They can survive several days without water, but will happily drink it when they find it.
  • Little is known about wild Fennec fox…

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