Boring day…

This month is sooo boring! Nothing to do @ home, have exam at school, etc. Etc. But there is nothing fun to do, no outings, no movies, no sleepovers, no pets…. ;P sigh… I wonder what we can do on a boring day!!

Biking sounds good! Though I have no bike 🙂

Sleepovers sound good, but I have exams….

Walking sounds good too, but then again, I have no one to walk with… internet sounds boring now. There must be something!! Uggh!

I wonder if you guys get this bored and end up sharing it to people all over the world using your blog…

I just pray that something good would happen…

Like good grades!! A new pet! Or even an outing with families and friends… Just something fun… Sigh*

Anyways, time to get a nap…. Its afternoon by the way.

GOD bless, I hope you guys have more fun than I did ¿? Hummm phhhh


PS. I don’t like parties ¦)


Just watching the fishes… Bored ¦(((  


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