Guilt and Condemnation


Condemnation: is to drive us away from GOD (satan)

Conviction: is to acknowledge if you sin against GOD, but you ask forgiveness, then you know that you are forgiven (going closer to GOD)

When you sin, automatically you feel guilty, then after you commit this sin, the enemy will start to do his work and that is Condemnation (there comes satan to condemn you) after this, you will be emotionally drawn to self pity alot of emotional problems and etc.

When we feel guilty, we also loose our self respect.

Guilt can be derived from poor parentally deprised love (no sense of forgiveness).

Romans 8:1 “there is now no condemnation when you are with Christ…”

Christ descrete us from the guilt and condemnation from the guilt we deserve.

We should stop blaming and accusing each other, wether as a Christian or non-Christian… As a Christian, we try not to be a part of accusing people for we should be a source of good will and encouragment.

Propitiation: to gain or regain

John 3:16 “for GOD so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son…”

Christ death was a substitution for our sin.

There was this boy when he was only 14 years old he stole things from the shop, and when his father knew about it, his father kept on blaming his son… Just imagine your father reminding you about your sin until you grew up… And he grew up sad because his father kept blaming him… Never blame somebody…

Many people can handle success, but only few people handle failure…

There is no failure that can stop you.

Blaming will make more damage than the damage you have already done…

So be awesome and be awesome LOL hahahaha NVM…

GOD bless


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