Awesomess day EVER!! :)))

Okay so I was talking about this cookfest before so after school I went to my friends bus, which is bus #8 and we went to her house which was huge! And it was full of PURPLE! Fav. Color, then we ate cheese dog and stake! Yumm! Then we continued with my other friends in Lulu Hypermarket then bought the ingredients for the food we were gonna make, and we made rice cake, punch, and beef bolgori… Its a korean dish!! And it tasted great!! And we are just in Year 1!! 😛 LOL!! And it was so fun and we kept talking and laughing! Oh and me and my friend Mira went outside to wait for Charlene and Dianne to come back from buying more food but they were too slow so we went back to the elevator and we thought, I mean, I thought that we were in the 2nd floor, and the hallway was soooo long!! And scary, so we kept laughing and getting scared at the same time… Scary!! O_o and they were actually in the 3rd floor ._. Then, we went home :)) best day EVER!! Byeee


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