Sugar Gliders!! Kawaii :3

Yesterday we had our house sprayed with the anti cockroach thing, I don’t know what its called, so anyways, we went to the pet shop and I saw these 2 cute little sugar gliders, who were sleeping (cause it was morning), their nocturnal btw, and It was the first time I saw them in reality and I was so excited so I thought of waking them up, I was kind of scared cause usually they would bite when you wake them up, but I couldn’t resist, so I moved their food bowl (they were sleeping in it) and one of them woke up, but it didn’t bite me, instead, it went back to sleep, I did this several times until it finally woke up and went slowly to my hand, which kind of startled me, but I let him/her to go to my hand, then he started grabbing it (he has sharp nails) then licking around my hands (he must like the taste of it), I got afraid cause my experience with my rabbit is that if it licks me, it would nip me, but when I tried to take it off, I wasn’t able to because he was holding my fingers like he would with his food, but he finally let go and I was free! YAY! its tongue is so cute and small! 😛 and he was so fluffy! His friend tried to bite me when I was hand feeding them, writing this makes me feel like going back! But the problem was, they were so expensive, because of their rarity and because they were so social, they caused 400 aed, I don’t know if its for both of them, so I didn’t buy them, I thought they were worth the money, but after doing a small research about them, I remembered about what they were eating which were sunflower seeds and nuts, and I have read that seeds and nuts contains phosphorus which is dangerous cause sugar gliders need calcium but the phosphorus absorbs the calcium, which leads to hind leg paralysis, so the sugar gliders the pet shops were selling were not worth the money because the food they were feeding the sugar gliders affect its health… (I feel like a vet now) hehe, I learn quicker when I am studying something I’m interested in, which is why I get low grades LOL :)))
But anywho, sugar gliders make great pets and are worth the money :)) though you should make lots of research before you buy one and kill it :O
Sugar gliders eat fruits, vegestables, mealworms and meat by the way, so, you won’t be able to find the food in the pet store, but in your near by grocery!! But remember, there are lots of drawbacks from owning sugar gliders, so you have to do a lot of researching before you REALLY buy them!! Good luck and GOD bless!



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