Just saying…

Hey guys! I really appreciate all your comments and for the positive reinforcement, and umm for all you guys who doesn’t know, I am using this wordpress blog, and it is for free, I am not paying for it, yes most of the typing was done by me, but the theme, widgets, and polls were done by wordpress, and if you want to make a blog that is easy for you to use, I recommend using wordpress, if you guys are young teenagers like me, I would also recommend tumblr which is also a nice blogging area, most people using tumblr mostly post pictures than words and letters, so if your like, a poem writer, use wordpress… This blog is not really much, for me this blog is just like twitter, but, you can type more… I just write things that might entertain people and to show what do most of the time (internet), I really enjoy typing and reading stuff (from the internet), I don’t know why, but I don’t enjoy books from the school ._. I enjoy animal books and books that has lots of pictures and facts 🙂 I’m turning 13 BTW, and it is hard for me to figure why I love blogging so much…

My blogging story:
I started using wordpress on April 2010, I have used many other websites including tumblr, but it doesn’t seem to fascinate me… I have come to find that wordpress is truly the blog for me, my friends/classmates disagree (we have different tastes), they usually pick tumblr and compares it to wordpress and to top it, I really think tumblr is a nice blog, but since I became used to this, I abandon most of my other blogs and use this more often… I already made a new blog for my church, so that those who have been absent can see what’s up, but that doesn’t mean you guys could be absent from church… it just shows what you have missed… if you want to read my new blog go her: http://www.adonaichristianchurch.wordpress.com

GOD Bless!



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