Reasons why I love blogging… (Repost)

Blogging for me is very fun and is a wise way to spend your time, blogging is like sharing what you did the past few minutes, hours , or seconds….

I had fun reading other peoples blogs and have read what awesome things GOD has done in their lives… It may be happy or may be sad, but I know that there is a reason and a good reason why he has done that, I may not know the reason, but I know that GOD will do something about it… Just ask him. He’s just like how any father would answer their child, he might say no,yes or maybe…

You might ask “Lord, can I have some coke?” The Lord might say… “No”

“Jesus, can I swim?” “Later”

“Father, can I sleep?” “Yes”

That’s what I have learnt, but back to the topic, anyways, everything that is written or seen in a blog affect a persons lives, that’s why we have to be very careful of what we post about, cause millions or even billions of people might be reading it right now, and even one single mistake might cost you something… And now I am very afraid that I have written something not appropriate, but I hope that does not happen….

I have written blogs so people will know how I feel and be inspired of how I think about life and how unique every single person is… Even without knowing them!

I have seen people say negative things about life, or what they want to change in it, some even has random pictures or something with a sense of humor to make someones unhappy day, happy! Just something that you might like…

I don’t know if you like reading blogs or not, but I really think you should, but if you want to learn something more meaningful and more inspirational and religious… Read the bible, I would not say the bible as religious as some people would say, cause I think all that christians care about is GOD, that’s us… We are not crazy people like some people think we are… You guys just don’t understand us yet… Being a Christian does not make you sinless, but it makes you sin less, and less, and less…. I’m not forcing you or anything, I’m just sharing it to you, there are some christians who don’t act like one at all, some smoke and do bad stuff, those people are not christians, they just say they are… Some people be christians, and that’s all, they sin, say sorry and sin again, and that is not how we are supposed to act like… I could call myself as weak, the devil tempts us to do evil stuff, and sometimes go their way, but as we pray… Jesus will always cleanse our hearts and forgive us…

As I was saying… Reading a blog can be really inspirational….

NOTE: Please do not steal or repost without permit…


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