My friends are going camping tomorrow, I really really want to come… But, I don’t know nobody in our group… So if I do join, I would be a loner 😦

The good side is since I won’t be joining camping, there would be no school tomorrow, and me and my other friends can go to the mall or hang out 😀

Another problem though, is we have a project and we have to write something about camping… Boring , so anyways, me and my family are watching TV… Kinda boring cause there’s nothing fun to watch….

Ooh and me and my other (close) friend, went to play outside our classroom and made dumb excuses just to go outside And run around while the campers went on a meeting… The funny part was we saw my friends crush and he ran away ( with a funny face) seeing our teacher (like a boss)… We ran too, telling Miss about our excuse o_O at least it wasn’t as embarrassing as what “he” did 😛 right jaeni? 😀 no offense dude (I don’t know that person) 😀 like you care 😀 joke! 🙂


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