Like a Boss >:D

I was answering questions in yahoo answers and spotted this:

Can I say “ARE cat loves dogs, or can I only say our cat..?

and I answered something a bit confusing but I hope you guys understand…

*Read it fast like a man in a suit holding wine while rubbing his mustache 

“Just remember “ARE” is for a question and “cat loves dog” is not a question (unless you put a question mark), but one does not simply put a question mark to every question without a correct sentence like “OUR you okay?” Do you think that sentence was correct? NO, it is supposed to be “ARE you okay?” Now that is correct… If it is not a question, here is what your sentence should have been like=

“OUR cat loves dogs.” but if it was a question it would still be “OUR cat loves dogs?” just put a question mark… why? Because if you wrote :ARE cat loves dogs.” it won’t be YOUR cat, it would be ARE’s cat (if it was a name of a person)… So one does not simply put ARE or OUR to a sentence of a question without know what the meaning meant ;D 

Like a sir >:3

Anyways I hope you understand”ed” it 😛

OH and to make cookies just mix MILO with a bit of WATER then FREEZE it on the FREEZER, wait for one hour or more then VOILA… Cookies for ____________ (state name)

Hope you enjoyed reading 😀

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