The feeling when….

1) You were using your computer/laptop for a long time (sitting like an indian), and not moving your legs up to the point when you can’t move it at all… and when you do move it, it will tickle you 😀 Love that feeling…

2) You make your bunk bed into a castle by hanging your blanket on top!

3) You take a bath and 50% of what you are doing is singing and day dreaming =))

4) You were laughing with your friends until you saw your crush and immedietly did the serious face.

5) You saw your crush look at you and thought “I’M DOOMED!”

6) Your friend said a lame joke and laughed without noticing that no body is laughing with her, then you suddenly start laughing cause nobody is laughing… yeah…

7) You were dreaming that you were falling and shook your whole body like you really did fall :))

8) You were trying to wake up, but you were actually dreaming that you were trying to wake up 0_o

9) You made yourself look scary in front of the mirror and actually got scared.

10) You play pretend and pretend that you are talking to a camera/person.

11) You are so thirsty and drank really cold water… hmmmm. refreshing 😀

12) You get sooo bored during classes and do something more boring than ever before!

13) you’re a loner…

14) You are about to get an injection and the doctor tells you not to look and your like “I WANT TO LOOK! :(” and then when you saw the ever so sharp needle, you SCREAM!! (I’m 12 🙂
15) You’re staring at the internet reading a post entitled “The feeling when….”

Isn’t that the cutest rabbit ever!!!


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