Life is different without Maggie (My rabbit)

When I got Maggie, I will blog about her non stop, even if the topic is not about her 😀

I Miss her so much! I still remember how soft her fur was and how beautiful her eyes were, and how she licked my pants till she falls asleep… I miss having her around, even though she causes a lot of problems, and smells bad…

I also remember when we use to play catch and hide n’ seek, and when she got tired, she ran to the sofa and lay down, and I sit beside her and pet her :/

We knew she was the one when she ran to me in the pet store and layed her head in front of me for me to pet her, and I took her in my arms…. sigh… and now, she is gone…

I was thinking of having another rabbit, but no rabbit or any other animal, can top the relationship between me and my precious rabbit… Maggie 😀

Maggie the rabbit (June 15, 2011 – Nov. 22, 2011)
Even though she lived for a few months, our bond is stronger than an unbreakable knot…


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