For non Believers of Jesus Christ.


There was this person who wrote this:

The following is a letter I wrote awhile back when I was taking my first steps in true Faith. What do you personally think about Jesus Christ? Is he liar, lunatic or Lord? Why? Who is Jesus to me? The more I learn about who Jesus is and about what evil men did to him and against him the more appalled I am at the rottenness of man and the extent to which man has underestimated Jesus. My mind cannot grasp the underestimation of Jesus in the minds of all the men of that time. I am finding however that people today, myself included, continue to glorify men and place Jesus below or at best at the same level as “great men”. I used to do this. In my ignorance I could not see that Jesus is the son of God. I could not see how this man could possibly be God incarnate. I must admit that I am still quite ignorant but that I am starting to see the amazing beauty of Jesus as the son of God. Jesus is the son of God. When we think of the son of anybody in our society today I think we automatically think that the “son” must be inferior to the father. Jesus spoke of a son as knowing what to do because he sees the father doing ….or something like that. Anyway…..I do not believe Jesus is in any way insuperior to God the Father but that the relationship between God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit is such that our puny human beings in our puny little brains cannot fully comprehend. Bla bla bla. I need to stop writing from the brain and write from the heart. Jesus is precious. The book of truth is ALL about Jesus. Jesus is Creator. Jesus is Lord. There is a special relationship between Lord Jesus and God the Father…..together with the Holy Spirit they are ONE God. The three are ONE. I understand that this is true…but I don’t yet know how it is true. Nevertheless I truly believe that Jesus is the Christ and God in human form who died on the cross. His blood has redeemed me from the second death. I am a sinner and a worm. Without Christ and his victory against sin on the cross I would have no hope at all. I would perish along with all of mankind. I believe and trust in Jesus and commit my life to him fully in mind, body and spirit knowing that he has paid dearly and that I must give of myself completely and without reservation. I also know that I am not perfect and must wage war from within and without against the flesh, the world and satan. I am not alone in my fight. The question on my mind is now “am I honoring Jesus in what I do? Am I fighting the good fight. I am learning that God wants me to get to know him. He wants me to study his word, obey his commandments, trust in Him and lean on him for support. This is especially important when I find myself going back to my evil ways and temptations. Losing temper, drinking, ****, smoking, bitterness, not forgiving but holding grudges and passive aggressive behavior. Jesus I know is the perfect example and his life examined and focused on as perspective for my own life and trials will keep me on the narrow path I am sure! I must never lose focus or perspective and Jesus is it!!!!!! The Bible is two testaments of this. The whole book is about Jesus! I have been discovering so much good material and help in staying on the good path but I am in danger of forgetting which book is most important. I need to keep the Bible #1 priority on the list and use the others as supplement. I am getting away from the topic. Was Jesus a liar? I am a liar….a liars words are blown about by the wind. Even if the liar isn’t lieing he loses track of where the lie begins and ends. A liars words do not last…given a little time a liars words are found to be false. Jesus’ words have stood like a titanium rock for nearly 2000 years and are just as powerful and relevant today if not more so. Was Jesus a Lunatic? I know all about what it is like to be a lunatic. I was one of many people who actually suffered from “divinity complex”. Yes….I actually believed that I was God…..or something close to it. In my memory of my delusion I didn’t really think I was God but that I was the “second coming”…..but not Jesus. I did however believe that I was the second coming of Christ ….but not Christ. It was madness…..and of course it did not make any real sense. I was in a powerful delusion. I thought I could hear booms which I thought were like…..revelations or something. I believed that every time a boom happened I would get exponentially smarter. I was crazy. I suppose I will have to account for that someday on the day of judgement….but then…I am a little confused about all this because I thought that people going to heaven weren’t among the dead who stand to be judged at the end of all things. I will have to discover the truth to all this. Anyway…..was Jesus a lunatic? I can say without a doubt that he was not. Impossible…he was infinitely more “sane” than those around him….it was the world that was insane!!!! If he was insane how was it that he cast demons out of the mentally ill? How did he raise people from the dead? The deeper I get into the truth in the Bible the more it is coming together like a great jigsaw puzzle. What will be revealed next?

There was this man who commented:

You see – that’s your take on religion. If Christ were the only answer the overwhelming majority of the world would be in trouble. When God made flowers he made them all different colors. Why? Because he knew mankind and knew that man could not agree on liking one color. There are many different expressions of worship. None are totally right-none totally wrong. Just as the flowers, they are ALL different, not right or wrong. A Moslem who is a good and sincere person has just as much a chance at heaven as the head of the church. Buddhists, Jews, Moslems, Chistians, and yes Atheists, all God’s children have a shot at heaven. God would have it no other way.

I replied:

You see, Muslims wearing Abayas even smoke and say bad words, they sin… we sin too, but once we believe in GOD we have fear in him, not the normal fear you will normally have, we mean holy fear, the fear that when you do a sin, you know Jesus would get mad… My point is, why would muslims do these bad stuff if they know they’re GOD will get mad… and how were we born without a GOD, and some people want to have GODs so they make they’re own… this “gods” are called Idols… they are not real for they are made by mad, Jesus is the only real GOD… Read the bible, and you will see and learn GOD further, now you will know how to talk back… I am a 12 year old girl, and I want to know Jesus more… if you think I am wrong, read the bible and see for yourself… Catholics too believe in GOD but they also believe in Mama Mary, but mary is just a human, she was born in earth, and earth is a place of sin, its only temporary, Mary was just used my GOD to give birth to Jesus, so she is not considered as GOD, but she is in heaven for she ‘believes’ in GOD 🙂


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