Why I like animals…

I like animals because they are one of the things that amaze me… If I want to learn about something, my subject would be about animals… I usually feel lonely when I come home from school, and when i ask my parents for a pet, it doesnt always work out… I have had a lot of pets in the past and my parents… yeah… I am a grown up now, I do my chores, do my homework, I study (about animals)and If I dont have a pet, i would usually stare straight at my laptop, which my parents obviously dont like… I feel I am not complete without animals… my parents are busy with their own problems and dont like animals much. and my sister, she can amuse herself without me, and doesnt even want me to play with her… I did well with Maggie and loved her a lot, but she died too early :(Why cant I have a pet? money, space, time, mess! My parents think the negitive side, and so am I… I know they know whats best for me… well then why do I feel so lonely, bored and lonely (again)… I usually cry (in my brain)when my parents talk negitive and think they know all about animals… sigh… I just get easily sad and sensitive thats what… maybe tomorrow would be better. bye guys!GOD BLESS! I thank GOD anyways for my lovely family and for letting them have time to at least listen to what I like to talk about (even if they’re not interested)


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