Be aware about what you watch.

Did you know that Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Katy Perry, etc. Sold their soul to the devil to become more popular.

Here’s one, Katy Perry used to sing Christian songs, but her songs werent selling much, so she sold her soul to the devil to earn her popularity (she confessed).

And also Kobe Bryan, as you can see, all of those I mentioned does the triangle sign (illuminati).
Lady Gaga always has a goats head , upside down cross, naked bodies, red, triangle sign, covers one eye, 666, etc.
Those are signs of the devil…

And also, there is something called Backmasking, here are some:
Stairway to heaven
Another one bites the dust
Pokemon theme song
And lots more.

Backmasking are normal songs that if reversed has a secret message.
Most of these songs betray God.

Many people say Lady Gaga is a good Catholic girl, but from all her vids. Show betreyal to Jesus Christ.

Please pray for these people… Help them… Spread this message not only to your friends but also to your kids, as they attract a lot of kids.

Here are some pictures:

Here are some Anti Christ signs:


Here are some brands to be aware of:

Here’s the secret to the “coco cola” brand..

And the 666 sign that kobe bryan and all illuminati’s do.


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