I LOVE Tortoises :3

Their so very ADORABLE, though I won’t be able to buy one since I still have school 😦

Tempting isn’t it?

And Did you know?

* Tortoises can live up to 100-200 years (though I’m not really sure about the 200 part)

* Tortoises can hibernate for several months or even years!

* Tortoises are cute
* Tortoises are strictly vegetarians
* Tortoises can form bonds with their owners
* One time, a man trained his turtle (after 10 years or training)
* Tortoises make cute sounds when they mate
Their just soooo cute…
But there are some things you have to consider before you get one your own:
1. They live for a long time (literally), so get ready for the commitment for they may outlive you
2. They might get boring (for you!)
3. They need a heater and Vitamin D
4. They are solitary but you could buy 2 or more
5. They eat hay to get fiber so they could digest their food
6. Their a big mess!
7. They grow HUGE! especially sulcata tortoises, so you need to know the breed before you get one.
GOOD Luck!!
P.S: This isΒ not ALL the things you need to know about tortoises so please do your research… THANK YOU!
k. BYE πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “I LOVE Tortoises :3

  1. don’t worry, I’m in school, but my sister and i have a tortoise each, they are very happy munching on dandoline leaves all day. and your rite, a lot of people find the little cuties very boring, but people who adore them (like you and I) could spend a whole day watching them (like when they eat) they also need crushed calcium sprinkled on there food. bout i can tell from this blog that your an expert on them and are very ready for one.
    have fun!

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