My snail ALMOST DIED!!


AHHHHHH! Okay…. Anyways, I kept my snail in a seperate tank because me and my dad is gonna clean the fishtank and part of cleaning the fishtank is mixing the fish’s medicine in with the new water, and the snails might die from the chemicals that the medicine have… so anyways, yeah, we seperated the snails and apparently me and my family had to go to this party and me being myself, I forgot about the snails, so one of my snail got off (zebra nerite snail) Β and at least the apple snail didn’t excape, but still, so when I came home, I ran to the fish tank and saw only one snail, and my heart started beating SOO hard that I could almost hear it…

I searched everywhere until I found it lying just beneath the toilet bowl, dehydrated and closed tight (VERY tight), so I took it and rushed to the sink which is very near to the toilet bowl πŸ˜€ and washed the snail with water very worried that it must have died off, but wait! I saw the shells door opening a bit, and that my friends was a sign that the snail was still ALIVE! and I gave a sigh of relief and released the two snails back into their “original” fish tank…


Aww isnt that so cute?








I was talking about the hand πŸ˜›

Naww, I’m just kidding, I was actually talking about the finger…

Aww shush, I was talking about the snail alright, the snail *western accent


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