Yay! Fun is back B-)

Saturday, June 16, 2012 at 2:03am

Today is our vacation! no more schools, just cleaning :-/ but that doesnt stop me from having fun cause my mom promised me that she would buy me a pet after our vacation…. To the Philippines!! I couldn’t wait no longer, I would be seeing my grandma and grandpa, all my cousins, and my friends 🙂 sigh, theres a lot, I just wonder if I could do those all, and dont forget scuba diving, it is summer after all… but for now, i have to get my butt of the bed and get cleaning, actually I’m already done… I just can’t wait! I’m sure God will give me a good time, and tims should not be wasted, Oh I almost forgot, it is tomorrow is Fathers day! Happy Advanced Fathers day to all wonderful and blessed fathers out there! Hope you guys have fun!

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