What I do most of the time…

Going out with friends is surprisingly the least I would do if I had the free time, I an NOT a party girl and officially not the girl who likes being over crowded with people (had to make it specific cause  I like being crowded by animals =).
What I mostly do is using the computer, blog if theres something extreme happened, or play with my family 🙂 I do like sleepovers, their fun 😀 and I love recording songs or play with my guitar if I get bored.

Did you know 80% of what I do is either watch Tv while eating or hold my phone and do anything I think is fun o_O I also eat like a pig, after eating lunch, I eat breakfast, then after breakfast, I eat anything that looks good and maybe switch on the tv while Im at it B-)

While blogging, I was wondering why when you go inside the toilet, your body knows when to start, cause when I really want to pee then I sit down on a sofa, I dont pee and sometimes ths feeling goes away, but when you go inside the toilet, your waste just goes out immedietly (confusing).

PS. I love singing in the shower 😮


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